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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I don't know about the rest of you ladies but I like to keep my kitty shaved clean. Not only does it just feel better, more sanitary but it doesn't hurt sex wise either. Nothing like flesh against flesh and lets face it no one wants to forge through a jungle to get to the sweet nectar. Personally I prefer that my partner's genitals be clean shaven especially if they enjoy oral sex as much as I do cause nothing kills a moment like hearing PFFFT PFFT PFFT.... followed by a hacking cough coming from between your legs. I hate getting hair between my teeth or stuck in my throat and no fucking way am I touching either a cock or a pussy that has a bush surrounding it. LOL So not only do I keep it shaved for myself but as a courtesy to my partner as well.

So now that we have established WHY I like my hoohah bald lets discuss the methods of achieving said goal.

Hot Wax: Feels great but its expensive and I have to drive to the nearest spa which is almost two hours away so not practical.

Hair Remover such as Nair: No fucking way am I putting these chemicals on my skin let alone an area that sensitive.

Shaving: It’s a hassle and you have to do it continuously but its practical, cheap and once you get used to shaving you don't really have much problem with razor burn.

So I opt for shaving. A few tips for those of you who may be new to keeping your box shiny and smooth.

1. A good razor is a must. I prefer using mens razors I don't know why but for some reason they are much sharper and do not give me razor burn as bad.

2. Use a good shaving cream made for women or a nice hand milled or glycerin soap. Hand milled soaps and glycerin soaps do not dry out your skin like regular soaps.

3. Do not go against the grain shave the direction your hair grows.

4. Use shea butter as an after shave lotion it works better than anything I've ever tried for preventing razor burn. If possible get 100% shea butter you can get it online if you can't find it in stores.

I thought I had snatch shaving down to an art until recently.

My Dilemma?

I can't fucking see my toes lets alone my pussy. I am seven months pregnant and no matter how hard I try to look over or around my ever expanding tummy I just can't do it. I tried using a mirror but that was a mistake everything is backwards and I about gave myself a lip reduction. I tried to just let it go and not worry about it until after the baby gets here but I can't stand it! I hate hair down there it feels disgusting to me so I decided I had to shave it one way or another. I asked hubby to shave me but he is too afraid he will cut me. My girlfriend would do it but she doesn’t visit often enough to keep it up so I decided what the hell I'll do it myself.

So there I am sitting on the edge of the tub with one leg hiked up on the other edge of the tub. My pussy slathered in hand made soap, a razor in my hand. I know I look ridiculous but the hair must go so I begin to shave, blindly reaching around my tummy and making that first nervous stroke. Applying gentle pressure I slowly move the razor across my bikini line. I pull the razor up and inspect it. WHEW only hair no blood or mangled flesh on the sharp blades. I continue being extra careful in all the new crevices I've acquired during pregnancy. I think to myself I wish I could video tape this because it must look funny as hell. I twist and turn, bend over, hang one leg over the edge of the tub and find myself in a variety of absurd positions as I try to feel and shave my way to a smooth kitty. When I no longer feel any hair I decide to sit on the edge of the toilet with a mirror and try to get those hard to reach spots that I missed.

I look in the mirror impressed with what I've accomplished. It is possible to do a blind shave after all. I slather on some shea butter to ensure that I don't get razor burn and have another look at my handy work. A nice shiny smooth crotch! Now where is my hubby?? I think this shave job is worthy of some tongue appreciation.

~ Teena

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Comments for Shaved Kitty
As a cyclist, I fully appreciate being clean shaven. Although I have shaved "the boys" in the past, I haven't found a woman who seemed to really appreciate a "smooth as a baby's bottom" sack. Still, clean shaven does feel so very sexy. Nice post.

tree... some women don't even enjoy giving oral sex they are just doing for the guy or they feel obligated. I think that us women who truly enjoy giving oral sex most definately appreciate a smooth sack. You just haven't found the right woman.. keep looking. =)


I've seriously been thinking about giving in and getting a wax but I've never tried that before. Shaving is good because it's private but it's so hard to get that 'neat' look and avoid the pricklies! I wonder if waxing would work better?

Rhys waxing feels great, looks great and lasts longer but it is painful and can be expensive not to mention if you are modest it might be a little uncomfortable. LOL

I can't even find time to get out and get my eyebrows done let alone time for a bikini wax guess I will just have to keep doing them both myself.


Yeah, Ijust need to do it myself I guess! :) I just can't imagine what sort of conversation I'd make with the waxer. :)

LOL Rhys you would be surprised what you can find to talk about the ladies are very good at making ya feel comfortable. Im not shy in the least so it doesnt bother me. One bit of advice DO NOT try any of those do it yourself at home waxing kits. Trust me on this.. LOL maybe I will blog about it sometime but for now lets just say its dangerous. LOL

I'm loving your blog!

LMAO @ "lip reduction"!

Awesome shaving tips. I like mine bald too...the only place hair needs to be present on me is the lashes, brows, and head....NOTHING ELSE!

wow. I am inspired to try..

Mistress.. Bald is the only way to go.

Lovelyjd.. You will love the way it feels and won't be able to stand it any other way once you are used to having a nice shaved kitty. Just a word of warning, for the first few months it will itch like hell when it starts growing back but don't shave it as soon as it starts coming back cause you will get razor burn from hell. Give it a few days then shave again, after a month or so your skin gets used to the abuse and you can shave every other day without a problem.

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